Ground Investigation

Why Ground Investigation?

The purpose of site investigation is to discover any underground anomalies. We do this by investigating the sequence of strata, its thickness, and the quality of bedrock. The level of groundwater is examined and monitored over a timeframe. This information is used to establish parameters for foundation and structure design.

Ground Investigation Services

Geotechnical and environmental drilling comes in many different forms to suit various projects and construction objectives.
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Geotechnical and Environmental drilling allows us to sample different soils to determine the different types of earth on a site prior to any construction activity taking place.
We have completed many site investigation projects in various types of developments including factories, treatment works, schools and landfills.

Our wide range of drilling capabilities help clients to fulfill all of their drilling requirements quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Window sampling rigs can be used to drill up to 7m depending on ground conditions.

Rotary drilling techniques are employed on site investigation where boreholes are required into very dense gravel or bedrock. Samples of the bedrock are recovered in seamless plastic tubes for subsequent logging by a suitably qualified engineer for lab testing.

Completed boreholes may have an installation ranging from a basic groundwater monitoring pipe through to more sensitive instrumentation such as a vibrating piezometer.